Thom Yorke, Benjamin Millepied & Kate Mara collaborate on an experimental film from rag & bone presenting the Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Away from New York Fashion Week, Marcus Wainwright, CEO and designer of American brand rag & bone, decided to break up the process of presentation by choosing not only to show, to stream an experimental film for his Spring/Summer 2018 collection. He asked several artists to collaborate on this project, notably Thom Yorke for music, Benjamin Millepied as co-director and Kate Mara and Ansel Elgort as actors. The Spring/Summer 2018 collection will be available in stores from February.Interviews: Marcus Wainwright: It just came about in a very organic way, together we started building a team of people who were going to work on it, and the name of it came from the piece of music that Tom had written for a show. Benjamin Millepied:My work was really to figure out how to create the most interesting movement, the most impactful movement and we came up with the idea of having dancers from many different backgrounds in the film, and allowed for such diversity, of movement. Kate Mara: When they came to me with their idea, for the campaign, it was just really unique, it’s rare that you don’t stand in a studio and take photos for a campaign. They came to me with a song and with an overall sort of idea, of, you’ll be moving a lot and it was just really exciting and actually quite intimidating.Music royalty free: Bandit & Nikit

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