Russian Valeria Chenskaya and Brazilian Antonio Freitas, winners of the international final of Elite Model Look 2017.

A Russian and a Brazilian are the big winners of the internation competition Elite Model Look 2017. The famous modelling agency organised a big show in Milan for its 34th grand finale with dancers, a concert with Ofenbach and AaRON as well as a catwalk show with all 63 finalists coming from 36 different countries. A moving win for Antonio Freitas, aged 17, a big fan of football and of Gisèle Bundchen as well as for Valeria Chenskaya, the 15 year old, who comes from Moscow. Interview from Valeria Chenskaya: My favourite memory from Elite Model is the lessons on how to pose, how to walk, because all day long we were trying to do our best, to walk like models, and I don’t think that I will forget it.Interview from Vicki Mihaci: For Elite, we’re very convinced by that choice because you know it’s like beauties which are not like common beauties and at the same time they’re like very classical beauties when you look at the guy coming from Brazil or the girl from Russia.Music from the show (under cover of the right to information) + music royalty free: Bandit & Nikit 2017

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