Zadig & Voltaire - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

On this final day of fashion week, trendy label Zadig & Voltaire, famous for its knitwear, presented its fall/winter 2014/15 collection at the Palais de Tokyo, in the frame of Paris Fashion Week. Outfits appear on the runway and instantly you want to slip into them, as these clothes are made for everyday life, designed in comfortable materials and urban cuts. Military styles dominate this season, with kaki parkas, micro-jackets meshed with the fluidity of a nude dress, styled with a jumper knotted at the waist. Here it is all about attitude, as showcased by layered knitwear adorned with biker pleats or fringes. A long, white strappy dress with lace detail delicately concludes this show, bursting with authentic pieces…Interview:Cécilia Bönström:The Zadig & Voltaire woman is a normal girl and I wanted to play with that today, I went back to beautiful clothes from the history of Zadig, the military jackets, the layered knitwear and so the make-up also had to be natural.I wanted to surprise on the runway and as Zadig & Voltaire loves modernity and graphics, I also incorporated a lot of orange which appears in layers, on linings and also as little touches, like a flower inspired by contemporary art.Clothes by Zadig & Voltaire must be wearable and practical, like the scarf that is carelessly arranged on the shoulders and has large pockets in which a girl can put her belongings.Zadig & Voltaire succeeded because of its knitwear and this year, I really wanted to focus on that. I sourced materials like bouclette wool which is knitted like a coat and I also added large fringes to certain pieces and details such as biker pleats. We also played with exaggerated volumes, adding large collars, the shoulders were sloping and cuts were flared. I had a lot of fun renewing this knitwear like in the laboratory.Zadig & Voltaire wants to stand out by showing timeless products, so when you buy something from us or you discover something in the shop, it is a real piece, an authentic piece and you know that it will stand the test of time.Music from the fashion show

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