Anna Sui Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

Anna Sui loves to transport us into her imagination and to make us part of her enchanting stories. For Spring-Summer 2014, it is all about a sort of Indian inspired journey – the New Wave show is opened and closed by Karen Elson who plays the role of head guru. It is very much a question of ultra-light dresses, in chiffon, in lace and in crochet, with bat-like sleeves, fringed shawls, and glittery bikinis beneath a top…Astonishingly, the men’s line appears more urban, even if they do sport linen jackets and baggy trousers…In any case, Sofia Coppola remains loyal and present at every single show.

Sofia Coppola: I thought it was beautiful; I love Anna’s shows and it was just really beautiful.

Music from the show

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